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Interim Management

Specialists with management expertise

Clinics are facing major changes in an increasingly competitive environment. Hospitals must reposition themselves in various areas, minimize costs, and optimize organization and processes.

Management consultants often provide valuable concepts and strategies in advance. The implementation of these requirements is demanding and often difficult to accomplish with existing resources.

A qualified interim manager brings specialized management expertise that is relevant to the project. The managers are specialized practitioners who, based on their experience in similar situations from other organizations, are deployed both for concept development and for rapid on-site implementation. They can identify and minimize sources of error from their experience in similar assignments. They will act quickly and effectively with an outside view and achieve the set goal.

v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung supports you with the placement of highly qualified interim managers on a temporary basis for project-related assignments.


Project examples:

Our interim manager pool consists of interim managers with management experience in the healthcare sector. Through reference checks, they are also certified by us. If our interim managers do not have the required experience or competencies or are not available, we have access to Germany’s largest pool of interim managers through cooperation with our partner. Our cooperation partner consults us vice versa.