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International Recruiting

Our International Networks

Hospitals in German-speaking countries are unable to adequately recruit physicians for key medical positions in many specialties. Even by means of direct approaches, the issues can hardly be solved in individual cases. Reasons can be location, budget restrictions, or lack of attractiveness of the hospital.

In January 2023, v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung entered into cooperation agreements with two German companies that have very personal networks in the medical field in Turkey, Iran, and Albania. Managers of these companies have the cultural background, the language skills, and the sensitivity to guide experienced physicians/medical doctors from these countries through the complex recognition process for a German license to practice medicine and, together with v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung, to find suitable fields of activity with prospects for them.

We can also help if we see little chance of success for a “classic” appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for details!