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Executive Search

Placement in management and specialist positions

Executive Search, also known as direct search, is our method for filling management and specialist positions.

v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung structures a mandate in three phases.

Analysis of the client company

In the first phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of the client company with regard to market position, organization, corporate and management culture. Together with the client, the vacancy is placed in the corporate context and the desired competencies of the sought-after personality are outlined. From this, a detailed position profile is created as the basis for the search activities, which summarizes the requirements in professional and personal terms and presents the position precisely and attractively to potential candidates.

Search for suitable personalities

In the second phase, we show in which industry segments and companies suitable personalities for the position can be found. A list of target companies is drawn up in close consultation with the client. The target company list defines the search field and thus specifies which companies to explore. This system is supplemented by confidential discussions with familiar industry experts in order to obtain recommendations. Once we have identified and approached individuals and motivated them to take further steps in the process, they are interviewed in depth. Using a differentiated interview methodology, the candidate is assessed in terms of professional expertise, personality, and potential in comparison with the required key qualifications and presented to the client in the form of a detailed written report.


In the third phase, the client decides which candidates are interesting for an interview. In coordination with the client, we accompany the candidates to the initial interview at the company. Confidential reference checks are conducted at this time. v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung actively moderates and supports candidate selection, appointment coordination, committee meetings, and contract negotiations. Mediated problem-solving within the first six months of the contractual relationship and beyond is a matter of course for v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung.

Reporting on the current status of the mandate is continuous and informs the client reliably, also by means of database-based reports about the number of candidates, candidate reactions, and the expected time frame.

Any necessary adjustments to the general conditions or position requirements are actively coordinated with the client.