v. Mandelsloh Personnel Consulting

Executive Search for Healthcare, Social Enterprises, Foundations, Life Science

With over 20 years of experience in executive search, v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung fills positions at the management level in the commercial, nursing, and medical fields by means of confidential direct searches. In addition, we offer interim management staffing for the healthcare sector, coaching, and new placement consulting as well as employee surveys for hospitals.
› Processes slow down
› Longer wait times for patients
› Number of treatments/surgeries falls

Dissatisfied patients & employees
Billable services decrease
› Consistently higher workload for colleagues
› Less time for the individual patient

Treatment quality decreases
› Workload remains elevated
› work-life balance suffer
› team becomes increasingly dissatisfied
› frustration increases
› further absences due to illness
› Training of residents suffers

Resignations become more likely
› Beds cannot be occupied
› Wards have to close
› Costs for fee-based physicians burden the result

The hospital continues to lose money day after day

Vacancy using the example of an unoccupied
senior physician position for several months.