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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us at any time!

Q: Do you also recruit internationally?

A: Of course, especially in the medical field, you have to include markets with recognized good medical training. However, we have made it our guiding principle to take into account the conditions in the target markets to the extent that we do not approach and withdraw physicians where there is already a significant shortage of qualified personnel in the relevant disciplines. For us, the decisive factor is qualification and, in accordance with the AGG, not origin, religion, or gender.

For vacancies where we do not see good prospects of success for our direct searches, we have started in 2023 to pool candidates from Turkey, Iran, and Albania who are initially interested in working as physicians in the DACH region independently of projects, to guide them through the recognition process up to the professional license or the licensing examination and to actively offer them to clinics from our network.

Q: Do you also work for clients outside Germany?

A: Definitely. Our core market is Germany, but we are equally happy to work internationally and have worked outside Germany for clients in Austria and Switzerland, as well as for American and British clients.

Q: How does your fee model work?

A: Fair, in line with the market and individually. We would be happy to discuss this further in a personal meeting.

Q: Why do you not work 100% success-based in your direct searches?

A: We understand our service as consulting. We cannot guarantee 100% success in filling a position. However, we will remain active as long as there is a chance to find the “needle in the haystack”. There are no restrictions on how many candidates we approach. In addition to finding the right candidate, during the search process, our clients receive valuable information about the quantity and quality of the candidate pool, their reputation as an employer in the region, the competitiveness of their compensation model, and the internal requirements necessary to remain or become more attractive as an employer in the future. We provide these services in any case. We believe it is fair to be remunerated for them. Our model is success-dependent in that the second and third fee installments are only to be paid according to the progress of the project. The client decides on the respective project progress according to the quality of the “delivered” candidates.

Q: Do you engage junior staff to handle the searches?

A: Definitely not. Our clients do not “buy” acquisition efforts from us, but our expertise and track record in handling search mandates. On a case-by-case basis, we are supported by researchers. However, we always remain the first point of contact for clients and candidates.

Q: In your experience, how long does it take from the placement of an order to the appointment?

A: It can take up to three months for demanding search mandates until the final candidate is presented. Of course, the candidate’s start date depends on external factors such as notice periods, etc.

Q: Is the process of an executive search mandate or a personnel search tailored to my needs?

A: We do not reinvent the wheel, we have our individual focus. However, we are flexible. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to explain this in a personal conversation.

Q: I am an interim manager in the healthcare sector. How do I become part of your pool?

A: We would be pleased if you contact us and we start a conversation.

Q: I am a doctor and did not study in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, but I would like to work as a doctor in the DACH region.

A: Then we are very happy to hear from you and together we will check what is necessary for you to realize this goal.