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Newplacement Consulting / Coaching

Newplacement Programs

v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung observes the German clinic market with regard to clinic mergers, changes in sponsors, and economic developments in the individual sectors. We are aware of changes in the medical services offered or the orientation of many clinics. We register changes of chief physicians and upcoming retirements of chief physicians in clinic groups and hospitals. In addition, we engage in continuous exchange with many clients, former candidates, and experts and are informed about upcoming changes.

We have often been asked by physicians, HR managers, and managing directors in the process of reorientation whether this or that career step makes sense, where the journey could go, or how we assess a healthcare company, or a clinic.

We offer this consulting service in structured programs.

Newplacement Programs / Coaching

The objective
The goal of New Placement consulting is to support the client in the best possible way on the way to an adequate new professional task.

To achieve this, we divide the consulting process for executives into ten phases:

  1. Support in the separation process / Working through the reasons for the separation / Optional testimonial consulting
  2. Assessment of the current situation / Clarification of the necessary framework conditions of the new task / Mobility consideration / Personal goals and motivations
  3. Evaluation of the personal and professional qualification profile
  4. Assessment or optimization of the application documents
  5. Assessment of the application strategy with determination of the success-relevant target industries and target companies as well as coordination of the ways of establishing contacts.
  6. Network evaluation and approach technique for network contacts
  7. Interview training and optimization of self-presentation
  8. Jobsearch with research of the open and hidden job market by v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung
  9. Continuous support in the application process as a sparring partner and provider of ideas using the consultant network. Support in the individual contacting of potential employers with individualization of cover letters, adaptation of CVs, etc.
  10. Support in contract initiation, negotiation tactics, salary benchmarking, as well as coaching in contract negotiations.

Fee structure

We offer the following module structure:

Consultation on an hourly basis in the packages:


Our placed candidates use us as a sparring partner even after they have been hired. In case of new topics/problems, talking to a consultant who knows the superior, or being actively supported by us in coordination processes with the new employer, gives security in onboarding.

In separation processes – sometimes years after joining the clinic – we are asked for advice on negotiation strategies and exit scenarios.

As a licensed attorney, Georg v. Mandelsloh can also advise on labor law issues.