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Employee Surveys

180 degree feedback

In the context of change processes, precise knowledge of the mood, motivations, dissatisfaction and information level of the workforce with regard to strategy and corporate goals is an important first step. Sensitivity to this is often lacking. The management can gain unfiltered results through us, initiate measures precisely and in times of employee shortage increase the so important employee satisfaction.

KTQ and DIN ISO 9001 certifications of hospitals require employee surveys.

v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung designs personal and customized employee surveys on topics defined in advance with the client. Using qualified interviewing techniques, we conduct individualized employee surveys in a 1:1 interview with a representative selection of the workforce, geared to the respective company situation, and thus obtain meaningful 180-degree feedback.

v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung carries out the entire process from the conception of the survey, the selection of those to be interviewed, the invitations and scheduling of the interviews, the interviews, evaluation, and presentation of the results to the responsible persons of the client.

Benefits compared to conventional employee satisfaction surveys:

Anonymous system-based surveys often provide less tangible, if not arbitrary, results. Our methodology ensures that the surveys get to the point and that our clients find out how the workforce really “ticks” on the topics under investigation. Our results provide concise recommendations for action.

The individual conception and implementation reflect a high appreciation of the client towards its workforce. As a neutral and trustworthy third party, v. Mandelsloh Personalberatung represents him optimally to his employees.

The anonymity of the individual remains 100% secured in the results. The personal and confidential interview motivates the individual employee to be open and willing to provide information.

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